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National Leadership Summit

May 3-5, 2024
Cleveland, Ohio

Only 42 Spots Remaining!

Key Speaker

Forge Relationships with Fellow Leaders

The Lord has raised up a new generation of young Catholic Leaders—and you're one of them. Iron sharpens iron, so for the first time ever, you can meet like-minded leaders from all over America who share the fire in your heart. We've scheduled large blocks of free time and capped attendees at fifty so you can really get to know each other. Expect sparks.

Build Practical Skills

Forget the vague clichés. You'll learn specific, action-ready skillsets during intriguing workshops and training sessions:

- How to clarify your mission and develop true discipleship in your community.

- Why and how to run your group like a professional organization.

- Step-by-step, cutting-edge evangelization techniques that actually work.

Learn from Experts

Ed Jozsa is a national speaker, telling his life-changing story of a mystical encounter with the Holy Spirit. Adam Sonnhalter brings decades of experience teaching professional best-practices to small business owners. Jose Miguel Pulido, Yale MBA and professional evangelization coach, integrates Scripture, psychology, and behavioral economics into astonishingly simple and effective evangelization techniques.

No Conference Fee!
All Meals Complimentary
Low Registration Fee: $75
Free Lodging Available
Limit: 50 Attendees

A free gift from the parents and grandparents of the Mary Foundation.


See Full Schedule
Friday evening through Sunday brunch.

Accommodation Details
The Sheraton Suites Hotel
on the historic Cuya
hoga River.

Speaker Profiles

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