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 Find friends in the world's largest network of Catholic young adult groups.

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Conversations with Young Adult Leaders

Hear young adult leaders share their experiences in ministry—a perfect opportunity to learn new perspectives, effective strategies, and boots-on-the-ground wisdom.

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Kenn Demoll is the director of the Youth and Young Adult ministry at St. John Catholic Church in Westminster, Maryland. He is a convert to the faith, and was called to ministry after college while thinking about becoming a police officer.

We discuss the challenge of “restarting” a young adult ministry, drawing in and retaining people, the importance of relationships, the grand vision of young adult ministry, how to help a priest get a ministry going, how to avoid the atmosphere of a desperate social/singles club, and more.

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We're here to help you find virtuous friends you can share a lifetime with.

Supporting Leaders

Leading a group is challenging. We're here to help you grow and succeed in your mission.

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Whether it's social, spiritual, service, or study, chances are you'll find a home in a group near you.

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